the alternatives


Where we are with alternative medicines is their proponents either refuse to have their hypothesis scientifically verified or refuse to accept the results. Alternatives medicines that were proven to work are not called alternative medicines, they are called medicine like all other medicine which was proven to work. Alternative medicines are not medicine, are a set of beliefs. Some might work, hopefully all would work. However the simple fact their proponents refuse to honestly investigate wether their hypothesis are true indicates alternative medicines do not work. In some extreme cases, charlatans continue pushing their fake medicines long after being debunked.

Homeopathy was debunked as ineffective shortly after being proposed two centuries ago and has been proven to be totally ineffective multiple times since but that doesn’t stop their proponents to profit from the ignorance they spread. Modern proponents of homeopathy try to deceive the public with scientific sounding claims about mysterious quantum effects, riding in the general poor understanding of quantum theory. As we know, homeopathy working or not is proven by measuring the effect of homeopathy, not by having convoluted hypothesis.

Science in the field of medicine is both hard and captured by a few conglomerates. Quite a few of the experiments which would directly prove or disprove medical hypothesis are unethical and modern democratic societies refuse them on principle. Simultaneously research is expensive and mostly happens secretively on the labs of private companies. The result is weakened proofs around claims of efficiency of medicine which are then scrutinised by public regulating bodies who at times by incapacity or unwillingness fail to find flaws in the proofs. Sometimes medicine which is either ineffective or has dire side effects is allowed on the market and this is the propaganda fodder used by the proponents of alternative medicine. The argument put forth is their alternative doesn’t come from an uncaring corrupt establishment bent on profit as opposed to “big pharma drugs”. This argument is of course corrupt, who can be more corrupt than charlatans who lobby not to be regulated so they can continue selling their fake medicine and directly profit from killing people. It is also pointless, the effectiveness of the medicine doesn’t depend on the good intentions of the inventor.

(c) Carlos Morgado 2019