post world


We, by definition, live in a post-world. After not comprehending the world we walked into and trying to change it we’re left with the reaction of the people who came before us and the action of the people coming after us.

All generations grapple with the things too new for them to comprehend. Each generation decries the next generation for adopting behaviours that are a disgrace. Behaviours which will not prepare them for the world they imagined they would grow into. Not even the world they live in but the fantasy world they imagined and failed to live in. We’re all, in the end, the disappointment our fathers have in the world they failed to change.

After being raised on a steady diet of soap operas and vomit inducing saturday morning cartoons today’s mothers most accomplished endeavour is to control screen time and go back to an imagined past future where children play in the street and laugh gleefully in the sun. The fear of raising non social children incapable of dealing with other people is palpable in the people who themselves are non social and incapable of dealing with other people. Gen X’rs and early millennials spent countless hours by themselves, staring into a glowing tube that would make them blind and rot their brains. Yet, here we are. Baffled by our children’s addiction to youtube while we relax watching a movie. Sneering at memes while mindlessly quoting game show punch lines.

(c) Carlos Morgado 2019