.the future is always coming

post world

.the future is always coming

Interactive screen is today’s language as genx’s was video and is as incomprehensible to us as video was to genx’s parents. Boomers demonised TV as we today demonise screens and games. And the same way it wasn’t up to our parents to decide what our language would be it is not to us to decide what our children’s language is. It will be what they develop and collectively agree on. Culture moves on its own and leaves all men behind.

Elvis Presley dirtied the hearts and minds of young gentle pure white girls. The Doors forced people to consume drugs. Metallica encouraged people to dirty long hair mosh pitters. Nirvana glamourized depression. Armin van Buuren forced people to consume drugs (again). 50cent teaches us to objectify women and attain richness at all costs. Radio killed live performances. Video killed the radio star. TV rots brains. Games make people violent. All new things are by definition bad. Until they stop being new and become the normal. Smartphones, tablets and snapchat are new, they will just be the norm. Culture is moving faster than it used to, facebook is already old. The culture moving faster is not new either, it’s just new to us.

As it evolves culture rifts between the classical unmovable mass and the modern unstoppable force. The new generation experiments with new language and ideas and invariably fails. What’s left is the reinterpretation and transformation of the culture kernels into the post modern the garish modern behind. In turn, post modern becomes classical and a new modern pushes forward. At the end there’s always three groups of people, the parents who dominate the classical, the new adults who dominate the post modern and the inbetweens. The inbetweens were kept safe from the modern, didn’t live it, didn’t understand it and are doomed to live in their parents world as it evaporates before their eyes. The inbetweens were primed for a world that never existed.

(c) Carlos Morgado 2019