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on science .the new religion

Any advanced enough technology is indistinguishable from magic. And by extension, any complicated enough equation is indistinguishable from scripture.

Most live in a world where the mystical and the divine was substituted by invisible real time communication, heating food without flame and curing illness without prayer. In the modern world anyone with AirPods can be Joan D’Arc. So in this spiritual vacuum technology has become religion for some people.

If you’ve been reading the past parts you’ll realize this is foolish and as dangerous as any other faith. There are many aspects to this misplaced faith and many interpretations. From my observation one the most common is confusing science and technology, “science” being a placeholder for any technology that’s not obvious, and a blind trust “science” will fix everything. Science however only generates the knowledge necessary to develop technology and developing that technology requires will and resources.

Another form of faith in “science” comes in the form “scientists know better”. This is dangerous in a number ways, there’s no official scientist card and we see in the news claims by “scientists” who never practised science way too frequently. The concept of scientists bringing us the crystalline truth is also very anti-science, if we can expect scientists to bring us anything is more doubt.

So no, science is not the new age religion.

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